Tips for High School Graduating Students

The fall season is a very important time for high school students. During the months of November and December, graduating students should make sure that they have done the following activities:

  • Apply for admission to universities and colleges

○    If you are applying to Canadian universities, your high school will send your transcript to all universities which you are applying for. Make sure that you ask your school counselor about this option.

○    You may apply to most universities/colleges online. See the university/college websites for more information.

  • Begin preparing for provincial exams well in advance. It is a good idea to begin reviewing for provincial exams at this time so you can improve your knowledge of the subject.

○    If you need additional help, enroll in our academic programs to improve your grades or skill level.

  • Begin applying for scholarships and bursaries.

○    Many high schools begin the application process for scholarships and bursaries during the winter months. Listen to announcements or see your high school counselor about the application process.

○    Apply to ALL scholarships and bursaries because there are no costs involved.

○    See World Vision Academy for help in filling out scholarship and bursary forms.

  • Apply for government loans and assistance.

○    Students in colleges and/or universities can get student loans and sometimes free grants (money that does not have to be paid back).

  • Begin planning for your graduation dinner and dance ceremonies well in advance. Begin booking your items now so that you can get better prices and selection.