Chinese Classes at WVA – Joy Kwak

I like Chinese class. Of course, there are many reasons for liking Chinese class. One is that you get to learn a new language, and it would be very useful for the future, because you can now speak another language. Also, the second reason I like Chinese class is because the work is fun. Another reason why Chinese class is so special to me is because all the people are so nice. Especially the teachers. The teachers and students are understanding and very co-operative. Lastly, the reason why I like Chinese class is because it is an easy way to learn something new. Those are the reasons why I like Chinese class (World Vision Academy) and why I enjoy going there.

WVA 的教師

  • Mr. Tseng

    BC College of Teachers
    SFU B.Sc. in Biology

    Math, Chemistry Online Courses, IB Chemistry