Summer Boot Camp

2016 Summer Boot Camp (Gr. 5~ Gr. 12) | July 4~ August 26


Summer break is a crucial time to catch up, upgrade and make a change of students’ academics. If they use this time wisely, it will make a tremendous difference. 6~8 weeks of summer boot camp will help students make significant improvement within the short period.





Reading/ Writing  (M/W/F 9am-11 am) Novel reading, working on grammar, vocabulary, and writing practice. Doing various presentations, projects..
Academic Writing  (M/W/F 10am-12pm)  Essay writing with feedback; focusing on grammar, sentence structures, and advanced vocabulary. Working on organization and brainstorming.
Provincial Exam Prep. ( Tu/Th 2pm-4pm/ 4pm-6 pm) Core lessons include original composition, poetry, short stories and reading comprehension. Preparing students to write exams under pressure and finish on time.  
ESL (M to F 12pm-3 pm) Expanding vocabulary, learning grammatical rules, enhancing fluency and improving conversation skills. Class activities may include debates, forums, studying media (news clips, talk shows, interviews), oral presentations, problem solving activities, and more.
Math  (Schedule Varies by level) Preparing for American Mathematics Competition / Canadian Mathematics Competition. Preparing for the curriculum in the upper grade
Physics/Chem/Biology M to F   4pm-6 pm Preparing for the curriculum in the upper grade
Science 10 Tu /Th   2pm-4 pm Preparing in the upper grade and focusing on provincial exam material
SAT IEnglish,Math SAT II   M-F    2pm- 5 pm Building key skills and effective strategies to crack the SAT’s with top instructors, small classes, and better analytics that suit students’ individual needs.
Summer School Help   M to F1pm-3pm / 4pm~6 pm Preparing for material that will be covered in the next school year. Helping students pass Summer courses and/or pass core courses they will be taking in the following semester.


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# 205- 10090 152 St Surrey


Teachers @ WVA

  • Ms. Iaren

    BC College of Teachers
    UBC B.A. in Education, Major in English

    Essay Writing, English 10, 11, 12 Online Courses