Online Credit Course Tutoring

World Vision Academy offers tutoring for high school credit courses. This is an excellent way to upgrade your high school grades, get ahead, or complete requirements which you may be missing. All courses we offer are recognized by local school districts. These courses may be taken online. Our instructors will provide regular tutoring and instruction to ensure that students complete all assignments and tests/quizzes. These credit courses are open to high school level students AND adults as well.

Please find out what programs we offer. If you need any more information about our school or our programs, visit us at our Surrey campus.


  • Authorized testing centre for quizzes, tests, final and provincial exams
  • Upgrade students’ marks
  • In-person tutoring sessions taught by BC-certified teachers
  • Self-paced study and flexible schedules
  • International students can fulfill graduation requirements early



English 10, 11, & 12

Pre-Calculus 10, 11, & 12

Social Studies 10 & 11

Science 10

Physics 11 & 12

Chemistry 11 & 12

Biology 11 & 12

Planning 10


Teachers @ WVA

  • Mr. Liou

    Pennsylvania State University
    PhD in Mechanical Engineering

    Math, Physics, AP Physics, AP Calculus