Get Ahead! – Summer Courses (July 11~ Aug 26)


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Online High School Credit Course

This is an excellent way to upgrade your high school grades, get ahead, or complete requirements which you may be missing. All courses we offer are recognized by local school districts. These courses may be taken online. Our instructors will provide regular tutoring and instruction to ensure that students complete all assignments and tests/quizzes. These credit courses are open to high school level students AND adults as well. To learn more, click here.

Enhanced English Course

By analyzing poems, short stores, and novel studies, the students will improve their critical thinking and increase their creative ideas to improve writing skills.

Academic Writing

With the teacher’s detailed feedback on essays and tests, students will find it easier to write well with more skill and an expanded vocabulary

SAT I & SAT II Preparation

SAT I ( English and Math) / SAT II ( Math, Physics, Chemistry)
Our SAT summer courses are designed to build key skills and effective strategies to crack the SAT's. Top instructors, small classes, and better analytics are adapted to suit the students’ individual needs. All our SAT prep courses are designed to help students maximize their scores on the SAT.

Math and Science

The high quality teachers will teach problem solving skills, review work, check the students’ knowledge, and train the students to do math in a competitive atmosphere. The students will be divided according to their level and given enhanced training such as American Mathematics Competition (AMC) / Canadian Mathematics Competition (CMC)

Essay Writing

All students will have to write essays in their future, so why not prepare them as early as possible, as efficient as possible? We understand that the levels of skill may vary between students, hence our dedicated instructors will teach all the essential essay writing skills from the basics to the advanced.  

Math Contest

Students will prepare for various mathematics competitions which are nationally or even internationally renowned.

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